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Community Information

Town Directory

Your data is safe and backed up daily. In the unlikely event of catastrophic data loss, DigitalTown provides backup restoration and disaster recovery services to get you back online quickly.


Keep your community informed with news from your own contributors, or news aggregated from approved news feeds. Scheduled notifications keep your community informed about latest developments.

Virtual Tour / Video Gallery / Live streaming

Create and manage multimedia information about places of interest, landmarks and popular attractions that provide visitors and residents with an engaging reminder of what makes this place special.


Interactive maps display places of interest. When accessed via the free mobile application, the map is location-aware and guides the user to their destination.


Messaging and Chat

Community members stay connected with each other, through real-time web and mobile messaging.


Send instant alerts via SMS or email to the community, as well as via the mobile application.

Branded email

Community members can have the convenience and prestige of a personal community-branded email address.


Keep your hand on the local pulse through polls. Each poll can be designated as public or private. Polls are safeguarded against ballot stuffing.

Commerce & Transactions

Hotel, Restaurant and Service Provider Booking

Visitors can book at local hotels, bed and breakfasts, restaurants and service providers through a secure web page, or though a mobile application that displays closest service providers with real-time booking.


Businesses and Individuals can sell both locally and globally using DigitalTown’s integrated secure ecommerce platform. Vendors can begin selling in minutes with no technical skills required.

Delivery and Logistics

It isn’t easy to find the things you need when you are in a new place. Digital Town fixes this. We enable shopping online and delivery directly to any location using your mobile phone’s GPS location data. Delivery is done by approved delivery personnel.

Payment Processing

Merchant processing

Merchants can join for free and be selling instantly. Merchants are able to make use of DigitalTown’s integrated merchant processing services, or can utilize their existing merchant processor.

Community Currency

For payment processing, members of the community also have the option of completing the transactions in a branded community currency. Transactions made in community currency have no processing fees, and may even be tax-free.


Job board

The community can access a local job board where business, and talent seekers can post job opportunities, and job seekers can submit their application. The service can be free or paid.

Classified Ads

Community members can post and promote classified ads. Other members can browse and communicate with the advertiser.

Real Estate Listings

Real estate for sale and rent may be displayed in the site either from a MLS feed or from For Sale By Owner (FSBO) listings.

Calendar and Events

Personal Calendar

Community members are able to use a personal calendar for tracking their personal schedule on both mobile and web.

Event Calendar

Community members can view the community and sign up and share event informaiton.

Ticket Sales

Community memebers can purchase tickets, or check which of connections are attending.



Community sites have the option of offering sponsorships. Community administrators set prices for different sponsor advertising opportunities that can be purchased on a monthly, annual or multi-year basis.


Unsold sponsorship slots may be optionally monetized through the DigitalTown advertising network that allows approved advertisers to purchase advertising for unallocated advertising slots.

Community Engagement

Ratings & Reviews

Products and Merchants may display opportunities for the community to rate and review. Reviews can be liked and socially shared.

Social Media Integration

Website content can be easily syndicated to social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook in order to increase awareness of site content.